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The Squishmallows are the perfect cuddle buddies!  The Squishmallows are the perfect cuddle buddy for anyone who needs a little extra love. They come in many different animals, so you're sure to find the perfect one for you. T...
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Creepy plush from the popular survival horror video game! Hugs and cuddles are better with a Huggy Wuggy! This cuddly, lovable plush toy is perfect for children who love to play with their food. But watch out, because when yo...
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The perfect size for cuddling!  Sylveon, Umbreon, Eevee, Espeon, Vaporeon and Flareon are all waiting for a new home! They would love to be cuddled by a child or used as a decoration in a nursery. These plushes are high qualit...
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Dragons are the best friends youll ever have!  Looking for a unique and cuddly gift for that special child in your life? Look no further than our Dragon Plush Toys! These adorable anime dragons are perfect for kids of all ages...
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Pika-chu, I choose you!  You can't help but smile when you see the Pikachu face on this huggable plush toy. It's perfect for anyone who loves Pokemon, or just needs a little extra cuteness and cuddliness in their life  The Pok...
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Dance your way to happiness with the Dancing Cactus! This adorable plush toy cactus will bring a smile to your face with its voice interactive dance moves  - This battery operated dancing cactus plant toy can dance with th...
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Cuddle up with a Squishmallow and Feel the Comfort Thats Pillow Talk! This Medium Sized Squishmallow Plush Pillow Doll is the perfect companion for any child! Its soft, squishy body makes it an ideal cuddle buddy, while its de...
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Snuggle up with a dino to make your day divine-o! Once upon a time, there lived a small dinosaur named Squish. He was an adventurous little fellow who loved to explore and play! But one day, he felt alone and longed for someon...
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Introducing the Little Spider Baby Soft Plush Toys! These adorable little cartoon animal characters are perfect for cuddling, and make great birthday or Christmas gifts for children.each one is made with soft, high quality fabr...
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This life size stuffed SAINT BERNARD DOG is BIG! BIG! BIG! and CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! You MUST SEE THIS BIG PLUSH SAINT BERNARD DOG IN PERSON! This is truly an AWESOME, SUPER-HUGE stuffed dog! You will absolutely LOVE it. The highly...
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Gotta catch em all!  This little fire dragon is the perfect addition to any Poke-fan's collection! Made of soft, plush fabric and with intricate details, this Jackie tortoise is a must-have for anyone who wants to catch 'em al...
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Make your dreams a reality with a Pokemon plush doll stuffed toy!  The Pokemoned plush doll is a fun and cuddly toy for fans of the beloved video game series. This soft, plush toy is perfect for collectors and kids who love pl...
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