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Features: 1. Stress Reliever & Anxiety Reducing Toy: This bubble popper fidget toy is a great sensory tool for someone stressed or just fidgety. Bright color, pleasant sound, this cool stuff allows you to enjoy the joy of...
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If these Luminescent Multi Color Glowing Sticky Ceiling Balls don't make your room look like a disco, we don't know what will!  The Luminescent Multi Color Glowing Sticky Ceiling Balls are the perfect way to add some fun and ...
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Features:Ever catch your children, or maybe even yourself, popping the bubble wrap right of the box of a package? Then you'll love this bubble fidget.   Ust press the mouse bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound; th...
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The perfect hand fidget toy for kids and adults who need some relief from stress! 12 sides to keep you entertained for hours  Kids love fidget toys for different reasons. For some, it's a way to keep their hands busy and rel...

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